Where's Painseeker?

HtG was the home of the interactive murder mystery serial, Painseeker. Updated on a weekly basis over a two-year period, the mystery was framed as an online memorial to Raychel Wagner (an about-to-be-discovered singer) written by the people who knew her best (including the one who murdered her). It is a significantly altered version of the "Singer Waxed at Terror Trax" script.

When HtG's focus shifted to selling murder mystery scripts, Painseeker was removed from this website. However, the mystery will appear on a new site shortly, where it will feature a conventional, linear narrative.

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Homicide: The Game (HtG) assists community theatre groups and drama clubs in their fundraising efforts by offering the following:


Performing a murder mystery from Homicide: The Game provides theatre groups with the following advantages:

Catalog of Scripts

Homicide: The Game currently offers the following scripts:

HtG - Term Limits Strictly EnforcedTerm Limits Strictly Enforced

Homicide: The Game - Term Limits Strictly Enforced allows participants to attend a reception held by Senator John Brash and be present at his official announcement of intent to seek re-election.

After the Senator is killed (in front of the audience), audience members are encouraged to assist in questioning the suspects in order to find out who pulled the trigger and who helped plan the murder.

For organizations with advanced multimedia capabilities, the endgame script may be performed with the assistance of video.

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HtG - Term Limits Strictly EnforcedSinger Waxed at Terror Trax

Homicide: The Game - Singer Waxed at Terror Trax is a competitive murder mystery where teams attempt to solve the murder of almost music star Raychel Taurus.

Each team is allowed to question suspects, request police and crime lab reports, exchange information with other teams, search a suspect's premises, and arrest and assist in the prosecution of a suspect in a court of law.

If no one solves the murder, an endgame script is performed to show how the murder was committed.

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HtG - Term Limits Strictly EnforcedHomicide: For Hire

In addition to the scripts currently available, HtG also offers customized murder mysteries to fit your group's needs through our Homicide: For Hire program. The Homicide: For Hire program is an affordable option for organizations looking at multiple performances of a Homicide: The Game script.

Performance scripts generated through the Homicide: For Hire program are exclusively yours for a limited time. Following that period, they will be added to the library of available scripts.

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HtG - Term Limits Strictly EnforcedDeep Sixed on the Seven Seas

Coming Soon!

The oceans will fill with blood and comedy in Homicide: The Game's new script, Deep Sixed on the Seven Seas.

It's like the Love Boat (With Death)!