Homicide: The Game Script - Singer Waxed at Terror Trax

HtG - Singer Waxed at Terror TraxRising music star Raychel Taurus is about to be discovered. Unfortunately for her, she will be dead.


Homicide: The Game - Singer Waxed at Terror Trax is a fully interactive murder mystery in which participants attempt to solve the murder of up-and-coming music star Raychel Taurus. In order to do so, participants are divided into teams, assigned a ranking Lieutenant (as a guide), and allowed to run their own murder investigation. Teams may question suspects, request police and crime lab reports, exchange information with other teams, search a suspect's premises, and arrest and assist in the prosecution of a suspect in a court of law. If no one solves the murder, an endgame script is performed to show how the murder was committed.

WARNING: Due to the adult nature of the show, it is strongly recommended that this show be performed by and for adults only. Homicide: The Game - Singer Waxed at Terror Trax deals with murder, drug addiction, the occult, prostitution, and other sexual situations.

Actors and Roles

The show requires 20 actors; 6 are required to be male, 4 are required to be female, and the other 10 may be of either sex. These actors must either have a grasp of the fundamentals of improvisation or must be taught them at the beginning of the rehearsal process. The playwright's suggestions on rehearsal structures and improvisational games and their objectives are included in the Performance Script.

Here is a list of the suspect characters and a brief biographical sketch:

Raychel Taurus - A Dead Singer

A singer/poet with a checkered past, her work was on the verge of being recognized. Although her public anonymity is almost certain, no one who truly knew her will ever be the same. For better and worse. Note: This character does not appear during the murder mystery. However, a complete biography is included for the rehearsal process.

Kyle McAllister - A Musician

A musical prodigy with a quick and violent temper, his life with Raychel was anything but calm. He claims to have broken her heroin addiction, brought her talents to music, and even married her. However, several others note that he physically attacked her (and others), held her hostage, and used her for his personal gain. Who is right?

Ken Kincaid - A Manager

Raychel's manager is best described as rich, paranoid, and hooked on heroin. The man who founded Terror Trax, he claims to be the person who truly "made" her who she would have been. His recent sale of Terror Trax to Cain International has made him even richer and free to meddle with anyone who ever wronged him.

Laura Douglass - A Friend

A painter and the founder of the coffeehouse club she called The Bleeders, she was Raychel's first real friend when she moved to L.A. She personally introduced Raychel to several people including Ken Kincaid, Lance Wagner, and (regrettably) Kyle McAllister. However, she also introduced Raychel to heroin. Their on-again off-again friendship was in the "off" mode when Raychel died.

Geoffrey MacIntyre - A Producer

The producer of Raychel's recording, he is noticeably tight-lipped about any personal history with Raychel. Several previous run-ins with Kyle McAllister and Ken Kincaid seem to make him an objective voice in the battle between them. But the discovery of a secret connection to another suspect could change that opinion.

Lance Wagner - A Writer

He believes that a good writer can never have too many enemies. By his own estimation, then, he is truly a great writer. A live-in boyfriend during Raychel's life as an L.A. prostitute, he has turned his life experience with her into a deal to write a biography on Raychel. Now with a dead subject, his extensive knowledge can either help point the way to the killer, or cover his own guilt.

Sharon Wolfe - A Bodyguard

Serving as Raychel Taurus' bodyguard was finally getting easier for her, but one pizza errand later everything was blown to smithereens. She had near-continuous access to Raychel and formed a strong, but brief, friendship. But why didn't Raychel ever have to pay her?

Annabelle Roffkahr - A Psychic

A psychic who searched out Raychel, she claims to have had warnings of Raychel's imminent demise. But how trustworthy (or objective) is she in her claims about Raychel's life before moving to Los Angeles?

Regan Leppdog-Vanderhoff - A Twin

Accompanying her husband on his business venture, she was expecting to meet with her twin sister the next morning. But there's always more to a twin than meets the eye. Is she telling the truth or is Raychel Taurus still alive?

Gunter Vanderhoff - A Husband

Regan's high-school sweetheart and an executive with Cain International, he seems to have nothing to hide. But there are several questions about him. Can he tell the twins apart? Can he provide insight into the twins' life before Raychel's move to L.A.? And if he can, will he? Or he trying to get away with murder? If so, of who?

Sergei Brosovsky - A Janitor

The man was found with the dead body of Raychel Taurus. The police are keeping him in custody. He is confused and suffering from what could be a fatal grasp of the English language. But he has an impeccable timeline for the murder of Raychel Taurus. . . if you believe that he's innocent.

The remaining characters are non-suspect characters including Lieutenants, District Attorney, Defense Attorney, Judge, Coffee Shop Waitress/Waiter (optional), and Crime Lab Technician.


The show is designed to operate under either one of two formats depending upon the time allowed to play the game. A four-hour version of the game can be held at a single facility in multiple rooms. The game may also be played during the course of a day in numerous locations of a city, utilizing the actual residences of the actors as the character residences. The original performance of the show was under a three-hour format. Due to the depth of characters and the unconventional format of the show, many players recommended that the show format be extended.


Regardless of which format is utilized, the show requires a minimum of 9 separate rooms. Most of these rooms are the "residences" of the characters. There is also a need for a single courtroom in which all players and characters must be able to fit.

Materials and Props

There are a number of easily obtainable materials and props required by the show, and many more may be added at the discretion of the director. The required props include the introductory materials given to players, clues, court orders, crime lab reports, and "controlled substances" (which may be found at the homes of certain suspect characters during a search of the premises). A detailed list of the main props may be found in the Evaluation Script.

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