Homicide: The Game Script - Term Limits Strictly Enforced

HtG - Term Limits Strictly EnforcedSenator John Brash has his sights set on a third term. The problem is, someone has his sights set on him.


Homicide: The Game - Term Limits Strictly Enforced is a semi-interactive murder mystery in which participants attend a reception held by Senator John Brash and are present at his official announcement of intent to seek re-election. During the reception, several pre-arranged events allow the audience to get to know the characters and their relationships with one another. After the Senator is killed (during his speech), audience members are encouraged to assist investigative reporter "Doubting" Tom Malarkey in questioning the suspects in order to find out who pulled the trigger and who helped plan the murder (if anyone). For organizations with advanced multimedia capabilities, the endgame script may be performed with the assistance of videotape.

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Actors and Roles

The show requires 11 actors: 7 male, 4 female. However, the sex of some of the characters may changed at the discretion of the director. All actors must either have a grasp of the fundamentals of improvisation or must be taught them at the beginning of the rehearsal process. The playwright's suggestions on improvisational games and their objectives are included in the Performance Script.

Here is a list of the suspect characters and a brief biographical sketch:

Senator John Brash - The Senator

"Brash - Bold Thinking for Real Americans" has been his campaign slogan for years. Unfortunately, a recent series of flip-flops on issues, sex scandals, and intense personal turmoil have left him politically weakened. He needs another problem like he needs a hole in his head.

Brandy Brash - The Senator's Wife

From a working-class girl to a Senator's wife, she has come a long way. However, the Senator's recent sex scandal, combined with her own sexual past, has put her marriage in jeopardy. Distrustful of any other woman in a room with the Senator, she may have the motivation to end her husband's career...one way or another.

Bill Barrett - The Lobbyist

A successful lobbyist and longtime personal friend of the Senator, his attendance at the reception is reason enough to worry. The question is, for who? With many "close" friends, and a propensity for drinking too much, he is often inclined to say just the wrong thing at just the wrong time.

Jackie Crosby - The Senator's Aide

An invaluable member of the Senator's inner circle, she knows both his influence and influences... probably better than his wife. She always wanted to be part of the political machine. Now that she is, what is her true function?

Murphy Castillo - The Secret Service Agent

He knows more about the Senator's personal life than anyone should know. His job is to keep all of it from the public. However, the recent discovery of an affair between the Senator and LaToya Elvira has made his job both personally and professionally difficult. Rededicated to his service, and with a new agent to train, he rarely leaves the Senator's side.

Kate Lynch - The Secret Service Agent

Less than a year in the service of the Senator, she is still learning the ropes. Her ability to be quick on the trigger is looked on favorably by the Senator. She is always on edge whenever Brandy Brash is around. Why?

David Wind - The Competition

Bred for public office, his liberal Democratic platform is decidedly contrary to his privileged lifestyle. Maybe that explains why all the polls don't seem to give him a chance to win. His best chance to jump start his campaign is to storm his rival's reception and steal some political thunder. It's a move that would damage a less scrupulous politician. But his political closet is almost empty. Almost.

LaToya Elvira - The Mistress

From stripping in St. Petersburg to a Senator's mistress to a staring role in a Steven Segal movie, the grease of sleaze has taken her right to the top. But receiving a phone call threatening the Senator's life (and the Senator's unwillingness to return her phone calls) has left her with no choice but to warn the Senator in public. She wonders how to do it without attracting attention.

Earl Lee Kozlowski - The Assassin (?)

A man at the end of his personal downward spiral. Over the last month, he has lost his job, his wife, and he's been burglarized three times. Depressed and fighting angry, most bartenders wouldn't give him another drink. But thanks to current laws (and no previous criminal record) he can still get a gun.

"Doubting "Tom Malarkey - The Reporter

The investigative reporter finds himself in charge of discovering who killed Senator Brash. Of course, his own muddied past with the Senator makes him just as viable a suspect as anyone else.

Chuck Waters - The Reporter's Assistant

The man whose images, combined with Tom Malarkey's reporting instincts, brought Senator Brash's sex scandal to CNN. Now, on the scene of the murder of a U.S. Senator, the next Zapruder film is his. . . if only he can get the videotape fixed.


Homicide: The Game -- Term Limits Strictly Enforced is a single night event consisting of the following:

Reception - 45 minutes

Senator's Speech/Murder - 5 minutes

Question-and-Answer Period - 90 minutes

Endgame - 5 minutes

The remainder of time is for travel time between the reception and the speech.


This show requires only one room. However, it is recommended that two rooms be used: one for the reception and another for the speech/murder.

Materials and Props

Only a few props are required by the show. The major props are a number of fake guns, a video camera, and a podium (optional). It is also highly recommended that light hors d'oeuvres be served at the reception. For organizations with advanced multimedia capabilities, the endgame script may be performed with the assistance of videotape. A detailed list of the main props may be found in the evaluation copy of the script.