Performing Scripts from Homicide: The Game

Information regarding royalties and other performance requirements.


The amateur royalty rate for each performance of a Homicide: The Game show is $50. Professional groups must contact Homicide: The Game for professional royalty rates. Royalties are due one week before the first scheduled production date. As proof of compliance, a copy of the final program should accompany the royalty payment.

Homicide: The Game offers a special arrangement to those who purchase a Homicide: The Game Performance Script. The purchase of a Performance Script credits you for one performance of that show without royalty fee. All subsequent performances, however, still require the $50 royalty fee. Evaluation scripts may not be credited toward either Performance Scripts or royalty fees.


Videotaping productions without prior arrangement is prohibited.

Rights and Restrictions

All Homicide: The Game scripts are protected by copyright laws. It is an infringement of copyright law to give a performance or reading of any such play or excerpt without the prior consent.

It is a violation of copyright law to copy part or all of a script by any means, including typewriter, photocopy, videotape or computers. Homicide: The Game, however, does allow limited copying of the Performance Script for the sole purpose of distribution of copies of the script to the cast. The Performance Script contains a copy of this permission after the title page, in case questions regarding copyright laws come into question.

Production Requirements

Full title and authorship credit must be given on all programs, posters, and other advertising. Indication must also be given that the production is performed by special arrangement with Homicide: The Game.